I love figuring things out. Even more, I really enjoy figuring people out. It’s something I do even without realizing it. Maybe we all do a little of that. It’s how we are able to navigate new relationships. We size people up. But I like to go deeper. It’s fun to do with company’s too and, for me, I probably have the most fun when I can bridge the two…understanding a company or organization and how people–in particular, customers– will interact with that organization. Research and strategic thinking come pretty naturally to me. In fact, according to Strengths Finder®, Strategy is consistently one of my top two.

This aptitude for strategy and affinity for figuring things out has served me well professionally. I’ve enjoyed working with genuinely brilliant people throughout my career, helping them bring new products to market, craft strategies for their organizations, and start up new businesses. Through more than 25 years of strategies, startups, and marketing plans, I’ve learned that not everyone has Strategy in their top 5…or even top 25. Some people feel about strategy development they way I do about geometry. Geometry makes me want to cry. It’s just not my gift. And, though I’m certain that Khan Academy could actually help me learn to love geometry (because, after all, I love figuring things out…even things that are hard for me) I really don’t need it.

Getting marginally better at geometry isn’t going to make me more effective in my work but that’s not true about strategic thinking. Getting better at strategic thinking and learning how to build sound strategy can help me and just about anyone be better at work, no matter what sort of work it is. And for people like you who aren’t just working but have a real desire to do big things for a better world, improving your strategic thinking will make you and your efforts significantly more impactful. Better strategic thinking will lead to more value creation. And, as you probably noticed, we are all about value creation.

Why Value Creation Co.?

Creating value is fundamental to success in business and in life. We create value for our employers and our clients when we deliver on work promised…and deliver well. Others create value for us when they do the same. In his book, David argues that to create value and compete well in a marketplace, you also have to be rare; you need to have some degree of distinction so that you stand out a little and people choose you over the competition. Value and rareness are necessary for distinction in the market. And, distinction, at least to some degree, is necessary to win the customer.

But it all starts with value creation and a desire and willingness to do the work to actually create value and win (and keep) the customer. We’re focusing on providing tools, resources, and services in support of sound strategy development because sound strategy is key to value creation. More value creation means more vibrant economies, better business, and happier, more fulfilled people. So, we’re all about value creation and we have a tool or two up our sleeves to help you create even more value.

The V-REEL™ Framework

I’ve worked with David Flint for a few years now as he has brought the V-REEL™ Framework and his book, “Think Beyond Value: Building Strategy to Win” to the marketplace. From the first time David told me about V-REEL™, I recognized the potential for this simple language to help even the most strategy averse begin to think more critically. I began using the language with my clients and my team. I started including it as part of my strategic planning workshops with companies, and introducing it when speaking about marketing and economic development strategy. The language of V-REEL™ – Value, Rareness, Enablers, Erosion, Longevity – encourages communication among team members and the framework helps clarify thinking.

I’ve seen V-REEL™ work for startups, not for profits, existing businesses, educators, and individuals. And, Bloomberg, in its annual report of “Job Skills Companies Want but Can’t Get” confirms that strategic thinking is among those least common and most desired skills employers are looking for. This is useful, valuable stuff. V-REEL™ is proving powerful for helping individuals and organizations think and work more effectively. So, David and I decided it is time to help even more people get acquainted with and use the framework.

We look forward to building a community dedicated to creating value. We look forward to providing you tools, resources and opportunities to connect to one another so we can learn together to create more value. Workshops, trainings and even certification programs are coming soon. In the meantime, connect with us here, on the podcast, and on our social media channels. We will be sharing some free resources, gathering our tribe, and getting this venture under way.

Join us!