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Our Speakers

Dr. David Flint

Joan Quintana

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What does it mean to be a company?

A look at the origin of the word company reveals the single element essential to the success of any organization. Dr. David Flint uses examples from across the ages to drive home the importance of understanding the real value your organization offers and what it takes to keep delivering in a dynamic marketplace. 

The Pivot Less Company

In an entrepreneurial climate where the pivot is the expectation rather than the exception, Dr. David Flint is calling foul. At best, the pivot problem offers entrepreneurs a way around essential planning and at worst, costs companies and investors unnecessary losses. But avoiding the pivot need not be painful. Dr. Flint offers a simple process to move from an idea to an actionable, prioritized plan that uses sound reasoning so companies can pivot less and profit more. 

How to Become a Company

The most successful organizations achieve a shared sense of mission and vision, turning a common voice and commitment to culture into genuine value creation in the marketplace. But clarity of vision and unified mission elude most organizations. Dr. David Flint presents his strategy framework, providing simple terminology, straightforward process, and accessible tools that foster communication, unite teams, and shape a value driven company culture. 

Is it time to bet the company?

In a marketplace that vacillates daily between eager enthusiasm for the next big innovation, and bracing warily for coming disruptors, it can be difficult to know when to stay the course and when to bet big on a bold new path. Dr. David Flint presents his framework for strategy formulation. His simple language will prepare you to guide entire teams through internal and external considerations of the dynamic marketplace. You’ll leave armed with a proven approach to considering where you are today, and a process for forming entrepreneurial strategy rooted in sound reasoning. 

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