Strategic Thinking for Business Leaders

Strategic Thinking for Business Leaders

About the Course

In about 30 minutes a day over the course of one work week (5 days), we will guide you through a strategic decision, product, or project plan that’s already on your to-do list. “Think Beyond Value” author and V-REEL™ creator Dr. David Flint and Value Creation Co. co-founder and business strategist Joan Quintana will teach you the V-REEL™ way of thinking by walking you through your project or idea. By the end of the week, you’ll have learned a simple yet powerful new framework for strategy development and will be prepared to get your colleagues and employees thinking more clearly and communicating with a powerful common language.

    After the workshop, you'll be better able to

          • quickly identify and solve workplace and client problems
          • confidently create sound strategic plans you’ll actually use
          • prepare well-conceived project pitches for clients and fellow executives
          • introduce the V-REEL™ language to your team for more effective communication

    The Details

    The five-day Strategic Thinking Video Workshop is delivered to your inbox each day for five days. Spend just a few minutes each day watching a brief video introducing the day’s topic. Then spend a few minutes with your worksheet applying what you learned to the problem or idea you’ve decided to tackle. Each day you’ll take on one focused topic. No need to do any more than that..

    Course Materials

    • Five brief instructional videos delivered over the five day course.
    • Accompanying worksheets and resource documents for each day.
    • “Think Beyond Value: Building Strategy to Win” by Dr. David Flint

    Your Strategic Thinking Video Workshop includes:

    Printable Materials

    Daily V-REEL Worksheets and Resources to help you confidently V-REEL™ the product, project, idea, or individual of your choosing.

    Instructional Videos

    Five brief Instructional Videos delivered to your inbox each day for five consecutive days.


    Receive a complimentary copy of The Leader’s Guide to V-REELing Just About Anything designed to help you introduce the language of V-REEL™ to your team.

    Strategic Thinking for Business Leaders

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