Fidelis Creative Agency
Case Study

Fidelis Creative Agency
Case Study

Identified Need

Fidelis Creative is a full service creative services firm in Bryan-College Station, Texas. The Fidelis team worked closely with David and Joan when launching David’s personal brand and designing tools to communicate the V-REEL® Framework, so the Fidelis team became familiar with the language and process. As David launched “Think Beyond Value”, the Fidelis team was growing and expanding its business model. The team needed a plan.

Value Created

David and Joan hosted a workshop with the entire Fidelis team, and David walked them through a series of key questions about how Fidelis creates value, the company’s key resources and capabilities, and how Fidelis might distinguish itself in the marketplace. In walking through value, rareness, erosion, enablers, and longevity, David helped the Fidelis team members identify significant potentially eroding factors and enablers they would need to put in place in order to deliver on their value proposition over time. In a follow up conversation a few months after the workshop, Tim and Mark Douglass, the sibling founders that lead Fidelis, talked about how V-REEL now guides strategic decision making at all levels of the organization, and also provides a common language for their team.

“Our company would not run NEARLY as well without the V-REEL® Framework.”

Jill Harrell
Fidelis team member


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